Peach – This Gigantic World
by on September 18, 2018 in

This was the first professional video shoot I did back in 1992. TGW were filmed performing two songs (Peach and Jar Candy – which was erroneously recorded as Jah Candy…).

The vids were filmed at the historic Manchester Boardwalk venue which is now long gone and replaced with office blocks. It was a great room where all the up and coming bands played. They also had rehearsal rooms in the basement where Oasis used to rehearse as did A Certain Ratio, Happy Mondays among many others.

In fact there’s a great story about Happy Mondays rehearsing next door to A Certain Ratio and because the walls were so thin ACR’s funky grooves were merging with the Monday’s indie sounds. The result was a groovy Happy Mondays pioneering the indie/dance crossover. The rest is history.

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