Music Theory Lessons

Are you struggling with music theory or find it daunting? Do you wish you understood how it worked but never quite got ’round to studying it? ¬†Do you want to develop your understanding of songwriting or ¬†improvisational concepts? No matter what your instrument, if you want to sharpen up your grasp of theory, then I can help.

I didn’t learn any music theory until I was in my mid twenties so I know what it’s like trying to understand the nuts and bots of music even though you may have been playing your instrument for a while.

While running the HND in Music Performance (1999-2008) I got good at teaching theory. I had year in, year out, a chance to redesign lesson content and teaching strategies to find out what really worked and what really aided learning. The result is a hefty, well structured worksheet programme following the LCM’s Popular Music Theory graded syllabus. There is an emphasis on the skills needed for improvisation within a pop and jazz framework.

This structured programme has successfully taken students who know nothing up to GRADE 8 DISTINCTION in a year.  That obviously involves a lot of hard work on behalf of the student but it can be, and has been, done.

As I was an advisor on the content of the London College of Music’s Graded Popular Music Theory syllabus, it seemed sensible to structure my theory lessons around this programme.

I have entered many students for these exams over the years. The vast majority of my private students get a Distinction at Grade 8 in Popular Music Theory (only one student didn’t quite make the top grade).

So if you need help with theory to aid your songwriting, improvisation, reading, analysis, harmony, modes, chord-scale relationships or anything else, just get in touch via the contact page. I look forward to helping you.

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