Guitar Lessons

I provide one to one guitar lessons in South Manchester at my home studio in Didsbury, and online via ZOOM. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the instrument or are an experienced player, I can provide personal and structured guitar lessons tailored to help you rapidly improve your skills. You may have had guitar lessons as a child, or picked up some techniques (and quite possibly bad habits!) from YouTube guitar lessons but either way, there is no substitute for learning in a one to one setting with a skilled and experienced professional guitar tutor.

Acoustic guitar lessons

The acoustic guitar is a timeless, classic instrument. It’s uses range from simple accompaniment all the way through to a solo instrument in its own right. You can now choose to follow structured graded programmes which are designed specifically to develop the skills of the acoustic guitarist all the way up to Grade 8, or you can choose acoustic guitar lessons focusing on harmony, rhythm playing or even songwriting. Get in touch today to see how I can help you.

Electric Guitar Lessons

No matter what genre or style you favour, having a full knowledge of the fingerboard coupled with reliable techniques will set you up to play in any style you wish. Developing a thorough understanding of scales, modes, rhythm and harmony will enable you explore many different genres which can be a hugely fulfilling experience for any musician regardless of their current skill level. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, through a series of structured guitar lessons I can help you dissolve many of the barriers that may be preventing you from moving forward with your guitar playing.

Music Theory Lessons

Understanding music theory is a priceless addition to any musician’s arsenal, because it helps us to understand the inner workings and the complexities of the music we’re playing – music is a language after all. Many experienced guitarists find themselves stuck in a rut, trapped in pentatonic box shapes, not knowing where to turn next. These barriers are often built out of a lack of understanding and an inability to really “see” the fretboard. Music theory lessons will greatly inform the way you understand, analyse, improvise, read and write music. These tools can prove invaluable in helping every musician hone their skills.

Regardless of ability, my one-to-one music theory lessons are open to all students of all instruments, not just guitar. As an advisor on the London College of Music’s Popular Music Theory syllabus I can provide supportive music theory lessons to take you from Grade 1 all the way up to Grade 8 while developing your confidence at the same time.

Your guitar tutor in South Manchester, Jason Brown

Based in Didsbury, I provide dynamic, inspirational, and structured guitar lessons to all players of all abilities. I am a skilled musician and educator, with extensive experience of the music industry and music education. As a former course leader of an HND in Music Performance and also 10 years professional examining experience (for the RGT and Rockschool Exam Boards), I have excellent insight into the international standards in guitar and music education.

Since I first began teaching in the late 1980’s, my own approaches and development have continued to morph and grow. Typically, my students experience rapid progression in their guitar lessons because of how concentrated on the learning process they are; I take holistic approaches to teaching that focus on mindful practice and truly engaging with the music. There is a continued awareness of the three areas of physiology, neurology and psychology and how that impacts on our learning.

If you are searching for a guitar tutor in Didsbury that will not only help you learn guitar but help you connect with it too, then please feel free to enquire today.

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