Approaches To Teaching

I have now been teaching guitar for many years and have developed both as a musician and a teacher during that time. My approach and skills have grown considerably since I completed my PGCE teaching qualification in 1996.

I take a holistic approach to teaching. I am as concerned about your internal experience of learning the instrument as where you put your fingers on the fretboard. Breathing techniques, minimum tension approaches, visualising,  learning in tiny chunks, mindful practise and conscious engagement all help the neural pathways grow in your brain in the right way. Practising mistakes is kept to an absolute minimum and as a result you will progress rapidly.

Combining much of what I have learned from my Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming training and experience, I offer a bespoke approach to learning that is aimed at removing whatever barriers may be getting in the way of you wanting to achieve your best.

Lessons are structured, goal orientated and organised to help you manage your learning in a way that is conducive to rapid progress.

I have a bespoke range of support materials which cover chart reading, theory, sight reading, ear training, rhythm reading and many other areas from Debut Grade all the way up to Grade 8 and beyond. These materials have been designed specifically to support your learning one step at a time.



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