RELEASED: 17th June 2016
ARTIST: Parent
LABEL: Fog Lane Records
PRODUCER: Jason Brown/Mick Routledge
Parent – Parent

This is the self titled debut album from Parent. What did other people have to say about it?

Chris Difford (Squeeze) – “You’re Not Broken is a beautiful song. Lovely string arrangement too”.

Louder Than War (Blog) – “Parent’s album is a dreamy song cycle of sumptuously melting modern ballads with intricate and captivating lyrics. While owing a lot to the early 70’s works of John Martyn and Nick Drake with a modern Norah Jones style gloss, this album is fresh and original and defies classification. It will have you welling up in parts and singing along in others – a real Manchester masterpiece. 9/10″

Geoff Wilbur (Blog) – “This album has a luxurious resonance, is artistically clever and has a voice both distinctive and contemplative. This is a work to be proud of and stands forthright as a modern way to make music”.

At the centre of this musical soundscape is Jason Brown’s incredible guitar playing while Rachel Kern’s stunning vocal and dark lyrics provide the perfect contrast to the bright acoustic guitar. Powerfully evocative string arrangements weave an empathic thread throughout, hearing the cry of each song’s soul.

In a world full of noise, Parent provide a crystallised moment of stillness. Their sound is perfect for those blissful, carefree Sunday afternoons where you can really allow yourself simply to be…

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